Elle (theroadtoelle) wrote in scrapbookaddme,

Its me again! Everyone is so helpful, I thought I'd ask another question!

Wedding scrapbooks:
- seperate books for 'behind the scenes' and the actual event?
- put all the preparation ones at the beginning so the album is in chronological order?
- put the formal photos at the front to catch viewers attention and then hide the preparation ones at the back?

Thoughts? I have SO MUCH stuff saved for my wedding scrapbook. RSVPs, photos of the landscaping being done (it was in my in-laws garden), photos of trying on the dress, getting the hair and makeup, receipts from the jewellers, the suit hire, the dressmaker, the caterer, etc etc etc etc etc!!! I don't know what to do with it all! Do other people really want to see that? Does anyone except the couple ever really look through wedding albums anyway? It's been three years, so it's not we've just got married!
I have an album with black pages to work in but it has tissue interleaves, not protective sleeves, so I need to decide before I start. Or maybe not, it is post bound... But I could still use suggestions!!

Cross posted again, so I've used an LJ cut to minimise inconvenience. :)
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