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scrapbookaddme's Journal

Scrapbook Add Me
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All Members , Moderated
It looks like you have stumbled upon Scrapbook Add Me! What is this community about? Why, just what the name says! It is a place where you can meet other scrapbookers on livejournal! If you ask me, us scrapbookers needed a place like this! ;D There are just a few simple rules that I ask you to follow.....

1)Respect each other! Please do not insult each other or argue. Save that for your own personal journal or email.
2)No advertisements! That is what advertisement communitys are for. ;D
3)If you are posting pictures please concider those who have a slow connection and put the pictures behind a lj-cut.
4)Keep bad language to a minimum. We have people of all ages here. Also please no R rated things.
5)And last but not least HAVE FUN and MAKE NEW FRIENDS! :D

If you are having any trouble at all whether it be with another member, or just problems posting in the community please contact me the mod, rosetendre